No disrespect to the real estate profession…

My wife and I are transplants from the suburbs of Chicago with two young children in tow. Fortunately, we happened upon James shortly after relocating to the Greater Tampa area when we actively began our house hunt pursuit. The rest, as they say, is history.

No disrespect to the real estate profession as whole, but the process is overwhelming enough, coupled with the added pressure of hoping you are able to seamlessly find an agent you jive with. This wasn’t the case initially, as we made the mistake of attempting to begin our search prior to moving. We were immediately and relentlessly preyed upon by agents whose sole intent was to check us off their list with a complete disregard to listening to our needs.

Moving on.

Enter James.

Like I said, we happened upon him by pure luck and it worked out in our favor. If my words communicate anything in this review, let it be this:
We’ve already done the work for you. Just give him a call.
Not only was he attentive, he, brace yourself, LISTENED to us and took into consideration our wants/needs while providing the necessary counsel for first time home buyers, like us.

Being completely green to all-things home buying, second to the inherently exhausting (yet fun, if you allow it to be) process, I was concerned about how, exactly, to go about finding the ideal realtor – one that would be an advocate for us.

Now, I know none of you know me, but I write to you today as a proud, happy home owner. I even managed to make a friend during the process.

I’ll leave you with this:
If you are overwhelmed by the home buying process, I get it. I was, too. But, after day 1 with James, we knew we didn’t need to look any further.

Tell James Josh sent you. All the best to you and happy house hunting.

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