New Home Rebate

Did you know that around 80% of all new home purchases happen without Realtor representation? Sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

Here’s the truth regarding this though… builders have on-site sales associates that pretty much handle everything from start to finish and make our job much easier than a typical traditional transaction.

Now, when inventory was high and there was less demand, Realtors could still negotiate and structure an amazing deal for you and make it truly worth you hiring them. Times have changed though.

Inventory is low, homes are moving at an exponential rate, new construction pricing currently competes with resales, and builders know that they don’t have to throw in the farm to sell a home anymore.

This explains why there is such a high percentage of new homes being sold without representation.

So how can we add value to your purchase of a new home you ask?

Did you know that home builders already build our commission into their bottom line? So if you go in unrepresented, you don’t get a better deal… it’s just a little extra sugar on their profit margin.

So since it’s already built in, why not keep some of that to yourself?

This is how we now add value. Enter our “New Home Rebate” program. It’s quite simple actually.

Hire us to represent you when purchasing a new home from a builder in Florida, and we’ll gift you half of the commission back at closing!


$400,000 Sale Price

3% Commission offered to us by the builder (estimate)

$12,000 Commission

$6,000 Rebate to you at closing


Could you use an extra $6,000 to help cover those closing costs? Of course you could.