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“There is not another broker with whom I would work for. James Roy epitomizes everything it means to be an industry leader. He is loyal, passionate, and dedicated. No matter how big or small the situation, James invests everything he can in order to find the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. James Roy and Associates are simply the best in the business, and that’s not a throwaway line. I cannot imagine a brokerage that cares as much for its agents, has a clearer vision for success, and breathes more confidence and credibility into every circumstance as JR&A.” – Brian Shaffer

Success isn’t guaranteed in this industry, but we can help tip the scale in your favor and help you keep more of your hard-earned commissions along the way.

How so? Quite simply actually. We work directly with you in establishing your marketing foundation (web/social media/database/farm) and building your marketing plan. Then, our accountability meetings will help you stay on track and consistently produce… all at your preferred pace.

what’s included for all agents:

  • Marketing InstaHub (where the magic happens)
  • E&O Insurance
  • Paperless Transaction Management
  • Authentisign
  • Training
  • Full Broker Support
  • Paid at Closing

commission plan options

Bronze (New Agents)

  • 85/15% split for 3 career deals
  • $100 monthly fee
  • Once 3 career trans. close,
    then choose Silver or Gold

Silver (Transaction Plan)

  • 100% commission
  • $300 transaction fee/closing
  • $30 monthly fee

Gold (Bulk Plan)

  • 100% commission
  • $80 transaction fee
    – 1st deal in month
  • $35 transaction fee
    – remaining deals in month
  • $250 monthly fee

View our agent training site to learn more about partnering with us.