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“There is not another broker with whom I would work for. James Roy epitomizes everything it means to be an industry leader. He is loyal, passionate, and dedicated. No matter how big or small the situation, James invests everything he can in order to find the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. James Roy and Associates are simply the best in the business, and that’s not a throwaway line. I cannot imagine a brokerage that cares as much for its agents, has a clearer vision for success, and breathes more confidence and credibility into every circumstance as JR&A.”
– Brian Shaffer

We believe that some Realtors lose the battle against obscurity because they don’t really know where to start or what to do… or they know what to do, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in setting up all of their systems, and essentially bail out on the ideas.

This is how we help our agents fight obscurity…

For sometime now, we’ve only just offered our agents an entire digital marketing suite to use at their discretion. Although most agents want the tools, many find that they are too busy to invest the time to learn how to set it up and use it, even knowing that it will increase their production and their bottom line.

We don’t want our agents feeling overwhelmed with anything, especially technology, which is why we took the initiative to create the Marketing InstaHUB. (← click the link!)

The Marketing InstaHUB is designed to help our agents start the fight against obscurity immediately after joining our firm, and is available to all of our agents.

Some of the features? IDX website with advanced lead capture, blog with free monthly content, CRM, email marketing tools, social media imagery, design of business cards, name badge, open house signs, yard signs, etc… but most importantly, we put it all together for you so you can focus on what’s important… selling homes.

Here’s specific information on what we do for our agents.

What’s included for all plans:

2019 Commission Plans

Bronze (New Agents)

  • 85/15 Split for 3 Transactions
  • $100 monthly fee
  • Once 3 transactions close,
  • then choose plan below↓

Silver (Transaction Plan)

  • 100% Commission
  • $300 Transaction fee/closing
  • $30 monthly fee

Gold (Bulk Plan)

  • 100% Commission
  • $80 Transaction fee
    – 1st deal in month
  • $35 Transaction fee
    – remaining deals in month
  • $250 monthly fee

Property Management
Discussed on a per agent basis

(agents can switch plans on the 1st of every year with a 2-week minimum notice)